Eliminating Duplicates

If you run searches on the same topic using different information providers, it is almost inevitable that a reference may appear two or more times in your Citavi project. Duplicates waste time and space and distract you from your work.

How Citavi Determines If a Reference is a Duplicate

Citavi helps you find and eliminate duplicates. Citavi searches for duplicates according to the following criteria:

References with identical ISBNs, DOIs, PubMed IDs, or arXiv IDs will be identified as duplicates

If the year of publication or edition vary, the referencea will not be identified as duplicates, even if an identifier was the same.

For all other reference types or if the ISBN or accession number for a book is unique or missing, Citavi compares the name of the author, the title and the year of publication using the Levenshtein algorithm.

Searching for and Deleting Duplicates

1.In the Reference Editor, on the References menu, select Show duplicates only.

2.Citavi displays the duplicate references as a selection.

3.Compare the references and delete the duplicates you don't need.


Table view is ideal for comparing, selecting, and deleting duplicates.