Entering Author Genders

The following chapter is only pertinent if you use a citation style that uses abbreviations that depend on the author's gender, such as "id." or "ead." These abbreviations are much more common in German-language styles, as shown in the following examples.

f the author of a contribution is the same as the editor of the book in which the contribution appears, the name should only be listed once. Example: Schmidt, Petra: Mein Düsseldorf. In: Die verbotene Stadt, hrsg. von ders. Köln 2012.

If more than one work by an author appears in the bibliography, the author's name should only be listed the first time. Example:
Miller, Rachel (2011): Introduction to Statistics. Los Angeles.
dies. (2012): Advanced Statistics. Los Angeles.

Citavi can do this automatically, as long as two prerequisites are met:

1.The gender needs to be correctly entered for each author.

2.A special condition needs to be added to the citation style so that the gender field is checked and the abbreviations are accurately applied.

Abbreviations According to Number and Gender

The following replacements can be made:



1 female author

ead. (eadem)

dies. (dieselbe)

1 male author

id. (idem)

ders. (derselbe)

Multiple female authors

eaed. (eaedem)

dies. (dieselben)

Multiple mixed-gender authors

eid. (eidem)

dies. (dieselben)


Editing Individual Author Genders

Adding to the First Name Database