Feature Overview

The following list contains all features in Citavi 6.

Technical Requirements

Individual or Team Projects

Workspaces and Views


Seven Interface Languages:

Project Databases

Data Entry

Online Search

Data Import

Search and Select Features

Evaluating and Working with References

Analyzing and Annotating PDF Files

Knowledge Organization

Project Organization

Word Add-In

LaTeX Assistant

Data and Program Management

Extensions: Citavi Pickers

Extensions for Firefox (versions 57 and later), Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (versions 11 and later) and Adobe Acrobat (32-bit and 64-bit) for quickly adding webpages, text, and images to a Citavi project

Documentation and Support

Limitations of Citavi Free

The only difference between the full version Citavi for Windows and the Citavi Free version is that it is not possible to save changes if there are more than 100 references in an open Citavi Free project. However, it is possible to create as many projects as desired in all versions.