Fields in Citavi

The same data structure is shared by all reference types in Citavi. The only difference is how these fields are displayed.

The following list shows existing reference types in the format Display name (internal database name):

Archive Material (ArchiveMaterial)

Audio Book (AudioBook)

Audio or Video Document (AudioOrVideoDocument)

Book (Book)

Book, Edited (BookEdited)

Collected Work (CollectedWorks)

Conference Proceedings (ConferenceProceedings)

Contibution in... (Contribution)

Contribution in Legal Commentary (ContributionInLegalCommentary)

Court Decision (CourtDecision)

File (File)

Internet Document (InternetDocument)

Interview Material (InterviewMaterial)

Journal Article (JournalArticle)

Legal Commentary (LegalCommentary)

Manuscript (Manuscript)

Map (Map)

Movie (Movie)

Music Track in... (MusicTrack)

Musical Work / Music Album (MusicAlbum)

News Agency Report (NewsAgencyReport)

Newspaper Article (NewspaperArticle)

Patent (Patent)

Personal Communication (PersonalCommunication)

Presentation (Lecture)

Press Release (PressRelease)

Radio or TV Broadcast (Broadcast)

Radio Play (Audio Drama) (RadioPlay)

Report or Gray Literature (UnpublishedWork)

Software (ComputerProgram)

Special Issue (SpecialIssue)

Standard (Standard)

Statute or Regulation (StatuteOrRegulation)

Thesis (Thesis)

Unknown (Unknown)

In addition to the fields specific to each reference type, you can also display more fields to add additional information.