Finding Bibliographic Information by ISBN or DOI

The Picker icon citavi_logo automatically appears after every ISBN or DOI number it finds on a Web page.

Getting StartedGetting started: Finding book information

When you click the Picker icon, the Picker searches for the book's bibliographic information and saves it in your Citavi project. The Picker searches the databases that you have selected in Citavi under Options > Search > ISBN Download. Citavi uses and DataCite to search for bibliographic information for a DOI name.


If you have a long list of ISBN numbers, you do not need to add references one by one. Copy the whole list to the Clipboard. Open Citavi and click ISBN, DOI, Other ID > Text from Clipboard. Citavi extracts the ISBN numbers from the text and adds the references to your project.

Sometimes no bibliographic information is found for an ISBN number. When that happens, it is due to the database selected for the ISBN download. Otherwise, the ISBN might have been typed incorrectly on the website. Then the Picker will either not find any bibliographic information at all or false information.