Access to e-resources

Citavi helps you use the online resources offered by your university. However, you first need to let Citavi know, which proxy server Citavi should use to check with resources are available to you. Citavi supports EZproxy and HAN.

Under Online resource access, click Select to select your university (in Citavi 6.3 and later). In many cases, Citavi will automatically add your university's EZproxy URL.

If your university does not appear in the list, ask your librarian for the URL and enter it in both the OpenURL and HAN/EZproxy URL fields. It's not enough to just enter the URL in the EZproxy URL field.

If your university uses HAN, enter the HAN address in the HAN/EZproxy URL field. HAN addresses have the following format: http://<HAN-Server>/han/<HAN-ID>.

Please also refer to the chapters Finding full text and Checking Availability.


Save searches that you often perform in a database as an RSS feed. These search alerts keep you informed about new articles in research journals.

See the chapter Staying Up-to-Date with RSS Feeds.