Setting the Default Path for Project Attachments

Citavi 6.2 and later let you define a path for attachments for each new DBServer project. When you create a DBServer project a subfolder with the project name will be created in this location.

To perform the following steps you need to be either a database owner (dbo) or system administrator.

  1. Start Citavi 6 DBServer Manager.
  2. Select Actions > Database > Settings.
  3. Enter the default path for project attachments or click Browse to navigate to the folder.
  4. Select the checkbox if users should be able to overwrite the default path by choosing a different path for attachments.
  5. Click OK.

Please note:

If you want to save attachments in an online storage location, the service must support the WebDAV standard. WebDAV uses the same ports to transfer data as HTTP and HTTPS: Port 80 and Port 443. Most Firewalls allow web traffic via these ports. Before you can set the corresponding folder in Citavi DBServer Manager as the path for attachments, you need to integrate the drive in Windows Explorer. To do so, add the WebDAV address for the cloud storage solution as a network address in Windows Explorer and enter your username and password.