Teaching Citavi

If you want to teach Citavi 6 in a classroom or computer lab, you may have these questions during your preparations:


Ask your system adminstrator to customize the Citavi 6 Setup using the MSI Assistant before installing Citavi in the classroom. Our information for system adminstrators contains all the information needed. In addition you might want to give your system administrator these recommended settings for customizing the MSI Setup for installation in a classroom:
Disable Welcome Screen = True (hides the message to convert old projects the first time Citavi is started)
Disable backup settings = True (no backup copies of local projects)
Delete user settings upon close = Always (this ensures that users will be working with a "fresh" version of Citavi every time Citavi is restarted.)
Skip Login Window =True (Citavi 6.2 or later; the login window will not appear. It's still possible to log in on the Citavi Welcome Screen).

Course Materials

The Citavi team has created two collections of course materials in English and German:

Contents: PowerPoint presentation, participant exercises, handout with links to step-by-step guides, Getting Started Guide, PDF annotation guide, Writing a Research Paper with Citavi 6 (ebook), mini poster, screenshots, and logos.

In Citavi you can find a built-in sample project. Participants can open the project from the Welcome Screen. There they can click the Gear icon and select Open sample project. If you want to create your own sample projects, you can share them in the Citavi Cloud and invite the course participants to the project before the course.


Do you publish information about upcoming instructional sessions in a blog on your university website? Would you like these posts to be displayed on Citavi's Welcome Screen? Just send the Citavi team the URL for the RSS feed for your blog (send an email to the Citavi support team).

Deciding which version to use

Option 1: Citavi for Windows with a named license

A license is necessary to use Citavi or to save a project in the Citavi Cloud. If your university offers a site license for Citavi, you should ask the course participants to create a Citavi account before the day of the course. Participants can find the registration form for their university at www.citavi.com/sitelicenses. At the beginning of the course, ask the participants to log in to Citavi with their Citavi Account email address and password.

Option 2: Citavi for Windows with an unnamed license

If you have a site license for Citavi, you can contact the Citavi support team to request a special classroom license key file (common.dat6). Copy this file to the Citavi program files folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Citavi 6\bin\. If desired, course participants can also still log into their Citavi accounts.

If you want to restrict course participants from using cloud projects, you can use the MSI Assistant to install a special version of Citavi that makes it impossible to log in to Citavi Account.