Adding Direct Quotations (Blue Highlights)

Use direct quotations if you want to save the exact wording of a text passage.

Selecting Text and Creating a Direct Quotation

  1. Use the text selection tool to select the text you want to highlight: Icon: Text selection tool
  2. Click the blue icon: Icon: Direct quotation
  3. The selected text is highlighted in blue and a knowledge item is created on the Quotations, Comments tab. The core statement is created automatically from the first highlighted words.
  4. Edit the core statement. Enter categories, groups, keywords, and page numbers as needed.
  5. Double check the quotation text. Sometimes you might need to make corrections. For example, if you created a quotation out of several separate text passages, you'll need to insert ellipses for the omitted text. If a quotation extended over two pages you'll have an unnecessary line break. From some PDFs the formatting (bold, italics) can't be imported. From others you might see unnecessary hyphens. Anytime you shorten the text of a quotation or make insertions, you must not change the meaning of the quotation and you must make your changes visible. Use the Quotations window for corrections. To open it, click the Open in window icon_expand icon on the Quotations & comments tab.
  6. If you want to add your own comments to a quotation, insert a new paragraph and add the comment in brackets with your name or initials. To avoid any mix-up, we recommend creating a separate comment.

Here's how Citavi determines a quotation's page number.

When you excerpt a quotation from a PDF file, Citavi tries to figure out the page number for the page the quotation was taken from. Citavi can determine the page number if
• the page numbers can be found in the metadata of the PDF
• if the page numbers are not found in the PDF's metadata, but the entry in the Page range field matches the number of pages in the PDF
• if the page numbers are not found in the PDF's metadata and there's no entry in the Page range field, but another knowledge item from the same PDF was added and it has a page number
• if the page numbers are not found in the PDF's metadata and incorrect page numbers were added for the reference (in this case, Citavi will display a warning to prevent you from accidentally adding page numbers that are incorrect).
Sometimes a PDF contains the incorrect page numbers. In this case you will need to use special tools to correct the page numbering in the PDF.

Deleting Blue Highlights

  1. Right-click a blue highlight.
  2. On the shortcut menu, select Delete.
  3. Citavi asks if you also want to delete the linked item.
  4. Select what you want to delete and click OK.