Using a License Key File

If your organization has a site license for Citavi, you can contact the Citavi support team to request a special classroom license key file (common.dat6) for use with a software distribution system. Copy this file to the Citavi program files folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Citavi 6\bin.

Users can open projects saved on the PC, on an external hard drive or on a network drive (i.e. local projects).

If you want course participants to work with cloud projects, they will need to log in to their Citavi accounts in Citavi. The license key file will let users work on projects even if they don't yet have a license in their accounts.

If you want to restrict course participants from using cloud projects, you can use the MSI Assistant to customize the Citavi Setup and make it impossible to log in to Citavi Account. In the MSI Assistant, select the Disable Citavi Account option.