Formatting a Bibliography

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Changing a bibliography's formatting

When you use the Word Add-In, the appearance of the bibliography is determined by two things:

To change the appearance of the bibliography (font, paragraph spacing, etc.), modify the following styles in Word (see these instructions from Microsoft):

Changing the bibliography heading

The citation style you choose determines the bibliography heading: References, Works Cited, etc. In the Word Add-In you can remove the heading or replace the text with your own. In Word on the Citavi ribbon, click Options and select the option you want:


Generate clickable links in the bibliography

If you want the URLs in your bibliography to be clickable, you just need to run the AutoFormat feature in Word. However, it's important that you only follow the steps below once your publication is complete and your document does not need any other changes.

  1. Convert the fields inserted by the Word Add-In into text.
  2. Make sure that the AutofFormat settings in Word are defined so that Internet paths are replaced with hyperlinks in Word. On the File menu, click Options > Proofing > AutoCorrect Options > AutoFormat. Enable the Internet and network paths with hyperlinks option. Click OK.
  3. Highlight the bibliography.
  4. Press Ctrl+J to run AutoFormat.
  5. To remove the formatting if you don't want the hyperlinks to appear in blue or be underlined, remove the formating by selecting the bibliography and pressing Ctrl+D. Under font color, select automatic and under Underline style select (none).