Removing Editing Privileges

A project leader might want to change the roles and permissions of project members. If this happens, it can lead to the following situation:

You opened a cloud project as an "author". You were working offline and made a number of changes to the project.

Afterwards you connect to the internet again so that you can share your changes with the other team members.

In the meantime, the project leader changed your project permissions and gave you the "reader" role. You can no longer save your changes to the cloud.

As soon as you're online again, Citavi lets you know that you no longer have editing privileges and gives you two options for the changes you made:

Discard changes. Selecting this option will delete all your changes since the last synchronization.

Keep local changes for now in case you are assigned editing privileges again later. When you select this option, Citavi will save all of your changes in your local Cache file. If you later are granted editing privileges again, the changes will be automatically added to the cloud project. Contact the Project leader to ask for your editing privileges to be reinstated.


You can save a copy of the project with all unsynchronized changes. On the File menu, click This project, and then click Save a copy of this project.