Deleting Projects

Here's how you can delete a project if you no longer need it.

  1. In Windows Explorer switch to the folder that contains your project folder. The default locations for this folder is C:\Users\[Ihr Name]\Documents\Citavi 4\Projects.
  2. Select the folder with the name of the project. This folder contains the following:
  1. Delete the folder with the project name

The next time you start Citavi, the project will still appear on the Welcome Screen. This is the same as other Office programs, that remember the path to a file once it was opened. Click the name of the deleted project. Citavi lets you know that the project could not be found and asks if you would like to remove it from the list. Click Yes.

When you delete your project folder, any backups will still be available in the Backup folder. If necessary, you can use these backups or use them to restore a project that you accidentally deleted.