Overview of Team Features

Which Citavi edition is best for your team?

Citavi for Windows can be used by small and large teams:

Small teams can save their projects on a network drive that all team members can access.

Large teams can save their projects in the Citavi Cloud

Citavi for DBServer is meant for large teams with an organizational infrastructure (SQL server, shared file location, etc.).

For small teams: Citavi for Windows

To use Citavi for Windows for local projects in a small team, the following requirements must be met:

No more than 3 people should make changes to the project at the same time.

The project must be saved on a Windows network share (LAN) that all team members have access to.

Please note the following:

All team members must have access to the network drive. Off-site users need to connect to the network drive with a VPN connection before opening the team project.

Citavi for Windows does not allow for different levels of access. All team members can edit the project. To limit access, the folder on the network drive that contains the project can be assigned Windows rights. Contact your Windows system administrator to set these up. Citavi Free users can open projects in read-only mode if they contain more than 100 references.


All team members must use the same Citavi version. It is not possible for some users to work with Citavi 3, 4, or 5 and some to work with Citavi 6.

The following scenarios are not supported:

A LAN share using Samba, AFS

A WAN in combination with WebDAV, Remote FTP, Dropbox, OneDrive, OwnCloud, NextCloud, or any similar protocol or online service. Technical background: local Citavi projects are SQLite databases. SQLite is not a database server, but a normal file-based database. For databases that are file-based, the operating system has to guarantee that the file is blocked during use by multiple users. Samba, WebDAV and other protocols don't do this reliably.

For large teams or teams with members in different places: Citavi for Windows with Citavi Cloud

To use Citavi for Windows in a large team, the following requirements must be met: The project is saved in the Citavi Cloud.

For large local teams: Citavi for DBServer

Use Citavi for DBServer to collaborate on a Citavi project in a large group. Citavi for DBServer has the following advantages:

User management is easier, since users typically all belong to the same domain. Please note that attachments (PDF documents, image files, etc.) need to be saved on a network drive accessible to all team members. The network drive can be a WebDAV drive or similar.

Roles and permissions can be defined for each team member for each project.

Additional licensing options are available. In addition to or instead of named licenses (the standard license type for Citavi for Windows), you can also purchase per-seat licenses or concurrent licenses. For example, with five per-seat licenses for five team members, all five team members can work on the team project at any time. With a concurrent license for five team members, more team members can access the project, but only five can access the project at any given time. If a sixth person then wants to open the project, he or she will have to wait until another person closes teh project. Per-seat and concurrent licenses can also be combined if you need some colleagues to have access at all times while others only need occasional access.

For teams in different locations: Citavi Cloud