Collaborating in a Team with Citavi for DBServer

Citavi for DBServer lets large groups work on a project at the same time. Citavi projects are saved on a Microsoft SQL Server (Version 2008 R2 or later) or in an SQL database in Microsoft Azure.


Citavi for DBServer

Technical Requirements for Citavi for DBServer

Checklist for Setting up Citavi for DBServer

Installing SQL Server Express

Setting Up an SQL Server

Configuring an SQL Server Service Account

Using the Full Text Search

Installing Licenses

Creating a New Server Project

Setting the Default Path for Project Attachments

Managing Server Projects

Managing Users

Viewing project users

Roles and Permissions

Creating a Connection File

Manually Connecting to the DBServer

Distributing Connection Files

Creating Additional Databases

Deleting or Renaming a Database

Migrating Databases

Setting up Database Backups

Upgrading from Citavi 5 DBServer to Citavi 6 DBServer

DBServer Troubleshooting