Converting Fields

In the following scenarios you might want to convert fields in a Word document or placeholders.

Until now, you've used EndNote, Reference Manager, or RefWorks to insert references into your Word document. You now want to continue working with the Citavi Word Add-In. To do so, import your EndNote library or Reference Manager or RefWorks database into Citavi. Then, convert the EndNote, Reference Manager, or RefWorks fields to Citavi fields.

ou used the Add-In for Word to create a publication that you want to submit to a publisher. The publisher requests a document without fields. Save a copy as static text and submit this version to the publisher.

You gave your Word document with Citavi fields to another person who inserted references from a Citavi project you do not have access to. Or you cited references that you later deleted from your project. On the Citations tab you see gray question marks in front of the missing references. You now would like to copy the references to your project.