Importing from Other Reference Management Programs

You may find that you need to import large amounts of reference data into Citavi from another program. Citavi lets you import from the following:

EndNote, Mendeley, RefWorks, Zotero

If you can't find an import filter for your reference management program, use a general format, such as RIS, to perform the import.

You may find that Citavi appears to import more references than expected. For example, you might import a project with 98 references and find 115 in Citavi. This is not an error, but a difference in how Citavi stores related references.

Citavi differentiates between "mother" and "daughter" references and divides them into two different reference types (e.g. "Contribution in" and "Edited book"). This improves data consistency and facilitates your work with the references (e.g. when you are using many contributions from the same edited book). Many other reference management programs do not make this distinction. When importing from such programs, Citavi must therefore add this distinction, which often results in a higher total number of entries.