Selecting Text

  1. Switch to the Texts workspace.
  2. Click the PDF PDF icon next to the desired reference.
  3. Customize the PDF workspace according to your preferences: You can hide the left-hand column if desired: click Hide hide_left_blue. Select your preferred PDF view: Fit to widthpage1_black, Fit to page page2_black, Zoom inzoom_in_black or Zoom outzoom_out_black.
  4. Select the desired text with the text selection tool Icon: text selection tool.

Please note:

If you cannot select text, the document is either copy-protected or you are working with a scanned document. Check our troubleshooting guide to learn more.

  1. Decide whether you want to save the selected text as a direct quotation, an indirect quotation, a summary or a comment.
  2. Enter the page numbers you took the image from in Pages from-to.