Setting Up an SQL Server with Citavi DBServer Manager

In Citavi 5 the application Citavi DBServer Manager is available. This program contains a graphical interface, which you can use to create databases on an existing Microsoft® SQL Server database. Each database can contain multiple projects.

Citavi DBServer Manager

  1. Install Citavi if you have not yet done so. The current Setup can be found at You do not need to enter a license key to perform the following steps.
  2. Double-click the Citavi DBServer Manager.exe file in the folder \Citavi 5\bin\.

Create a Server Connection

  1. On the Server connection tab, enter the computer where the SQL Server is located.
  2. If you installed SQL Server as an Instance, enter the Instance name in the Instance name field. Otherwise, leave the field empty.
  3. Select if a Windows login or an SQL server login should be used for authentication.
  4. Click Next to continue to the Datebase tab.

Setting up a Database

You'll usually only set up one database for all Citavi projects on the SQL server.

  1. Enter a name for the new database.
  2. Click Next to continue to the License tab.

Installing a license

Follow the steps in this chapter.

Selecting Users

Select users from your Active Directory. You can add or remove users at any time.

  1. Select one or more individuals in the Logins column.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Click Next to continue to the Summary tab.

Exiting Citavi DBServer Manager

  1. If you're satisfied with the summary, click Finish.
  2. Wait for the message "Process completed successfully".
  3. Click Close.

Next steps

After you've finished setting up the database, use Citavi DBServer Manager for the following tasks: