Starting Projects

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A project is a database in which Citavi stores the references you add. You can create as many projects as you want.

The best project location depends on how you want to work with Citavi:

Cloud project advantages

  1. Available everywhere
    It doesn't matter where you're working – as long as Citavi is installed on your computer and you have an Internet connection, you can access your cloud projects. When you open a project for the first time, Citavi creates a cache copy of the project. This makes it possible to work with the project even when you're not connected to the Internet (for example, in the train). As soon as you're online again, Citavi updates your cloud project.
  2. Easy teamwork
    You can invite other Citavi users to edit or view your cloud projects.
  3. Faster full-text search
    You can more easily located desired sections of a PDF file in cloud projects since all attached documents are automatically indexed.
  4. Automatic backups
    If you're working with a cloud project, you never have to worry about your laptop being stolen, your hard drive failing, or your computer getting a virus.