Annotating Texts

Many works you'll consult will be available in PDF format. Citavi helps you work with these texts.

Please note:

You cannot use annotation features in read-only PDF files. The lock icon in the lower left of the preview pane lets you know if a PDF is read-only: Icon: read-only PDF.

In Citavi 6 you can analyze texts the same way you would on paper.

If you just want to highlight an important section of a text with no additional commentary, you can use the yellow highlighter.

If you want to quickly highlight a section that you might later want to cite, use the red highlighter.

If you want to analyze a text passage more closely or save its exact wording or main ideas, you can save it as a direct quotation, indirect quotation, summary, or comment. Text can also be saved as an abstract, table of contents, or keyword. You can even assign tasks to a text passage.

Pick and choose from among these tools to find the best analysis method for yourself. Highlight colors cannot be changed. This ensures that you can share annotations with others.


This chapter is also available as the eBook "Analyzing PDFs with Citavi 6".


Selecting Text

Highlight Only (Yellow Highlights)

Highlighting with Main Idea (Red Highlights)

Adding Direct Quotations (Blue Highlights)

Adding Indirect Quotations (Purple Highlights)

Adding Summaries (Green Highlights)

Adding Comments (Orange Highlights)

Adding Tasks (Turquoise Highlights)

Excerpting Image Quotations

Viewing Linked Sections of a PDF

Understanding Layers

Importing PDF Annotations

Exporting PDF Annotations

Annotation Troubleshooting