Upgrading to Citavi 6 from a Previous Version

You can continue working on projects created with Citavi 3, 4 or 5 in Citavi 6.


If you were previously working with sequence numbers or placeholders, please read this information regarding changes to these features. Projects in Citavi 6 format cannot be opened by previous versions.

  1. Uninstall previous versions of Citavi if you have not already done so: Windows Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program > Citavi [version number]. If you want, you can keep the previous version of Citavi installed on your computer. However, to avoid mixing up versions, we recommend uninstalling previous versions.
  2. Download the Citavi 6 Setup: http://www.citavi.com/download. Double-click the Citavi6Setup.exe file.
  3. The first time you start Citavi 6, an assistant will help you set up the program. Click Let's go to start the process. If you already set up Citavi 6 on another computer, you can close the assistant and then log in to your Account.
  4. Log in to your Citavi account. We recommend doing this now, but you can also do this at a later point in time. If you don't yet have a Citavi Account, you can create one. Click Next.

What is Citavi Account?

Your Citavi account is your user account for Citavi. Citavi Account has two main purposes:
It sends your license key information to Citavi. It also lets you save your Citavi project in Citavi Cloud.

  1. Citavi 6 searches for old projects in the Citavi 5 folder for user files (by default Documents\Citavi 5\Projects). If you saved a project in another location, on the Citavi 6 Welcome Screen click Open project > Local > Browse and navigate to the project file.
  2. The first time you open a Word document that you created with the Citavi 4 or Citavi 5 Word Add-In, the Citavi 6 Word Add-In will ask you to convert the fields for Citavi 6. This happens in a copy of the original Word document. If you are working with master and subdocuments, see this chapter.

For teams who saved Citavi 5 projects on a network drive

If you collaborated on a Citavi 5 project on a network drive, make sure that only one team member performs the conversion to Citavi 6 format. Also, make sure that team members do not use the First Start Assistant. Click here for more information.

Citavi for DBServer users

If you are working with Citavi for DBServer, see this chapter instead.

For Citavi 3 or Citavi 4 users

If you want to convert Citavi 3 or Citavi 4 projects to the Citavi 6 format, on the Citavi 6 Welcome Screen, click Open project. On the Local tab, click Browse. Select the old project.

Were you previously working with a password-protected Team Project in Citavi 3 or Citavi 4?

If so, save the project as a Solo Project to remove the password protection. Click File and then click Save a copy as solo project. Close Citavi 3 or Citavi 4. In Citavi 6 on the Welcome Screen, click Open project to convert the project to Citavi 6 format.

For Citavi 2 users

Projects created with Citavi 2 cannot be automatically converted to Citavi 6 format. If you want to convert a Citavi 2 project for use with Citavi 6, please contact the Citavi Support team.