Checklist for Setting up Citavi for DBServer

Follow the steps in this checklist to get started with Citavi for DBServer in your organization:

1.Install SQL Server Express on a central server PC if you don’t already have an SQL Server. Make sure to install the correct version so that you can use the full-text search later on. (Details)

2.Make sure that the SQL Server Service account is configured correctly. (Details)

3.Install Citavi on the computer that the SQL Server is installed on (Download). Citavi DBServer Manager will be automatically installed as well.

4.Open Citavi DBServer Manager by double-clicking the Citavi DBServer Manager.exe file in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Citavi 6\bin. Then, follow the steps for setting up a database. (Details)

5.Add users to the database. (Details)

6.Install licenses and assign per-seat licenses to users. (Details)

7.Create a new project in the database. You will need to specify a network drive folder where Citavi should save attachments. (Details)

8.Assign roles to the project’s users. (Details)

9.Install Citavi on the users’ computers. Use the MSI Setup and a software distribution system if desired. (Details)
Instead of a client installation, you can also use a terminal server/Citrix environment. (Details)

10.Use Citavi DBServer Manager to create a connection file for the project and send it to the project users. (Details)

11.Users can open the project by double-clicking the connection file. After that, the project will appear on the Citavi Welcome Screen and can be opened from there.