Searching from within Citavi

Searching from within Citavi can be a great timesaver. If you want to perform a search in multiple databases, you only have to use one search form. You can also directly import references into your project.

There are two groups of information sources you can search from within Citavi: freely available library catalogs and subscription databases.


Search not working?

When you attempt to perform a search, you receive the message that Citavi is unable to communicate with the Citavi server. Check the following:
You are using a proxy server rather than a direct internet connection. Please enter the proxy information in your Citavi settings: Search > Proxy settings.
Old HTTP protocol
Compatibility mode for HTTP 1.0 proxies: Select this option if you connect to the Internet with a proxy server that uses HTTP 1.0: Extras > Options > Search > Proxy settings > Compatibility mode for HTTP 1.0 proxies. If necessary, ask your network administrator.
You are using a firewall that blocks Citavi from accessing the internet. In your Firewall options, grant Citavi permission to access the internet.
Security Software
Your security software settings can interfere with Citavi's ability to communicate with library catalogs. Add the necessary exceptions for %programfiles(x86)%\Citavi [versionnumber]\bin\citavi.exe and deactivate Content filtering.