Planning Tasks

Each research projects requires a number of similar tasks: copy, verify bibliographic information or borrow. In Citavi these tasks are predefined and can be quickly selected from the list of Routine tasks. Sometimes you'll have special tasks you'll want to record, such as Discuss with Prof. Smith..

Both default tasks and tasks you create yourself are always linked to a particular reference. You can add as many tasks to a reference as you want.

In Citavi 5 you can also add tasks to sections of a PDF document. For example, you could select a passage whose claims you later want to double check.

In addition to reference-specific tasks, you can also create project tasks in Citavi. A project task is a task that is not directly related to any one reference but that concerns your Citavi Project as a whole, such as deadline for research proposal.

You can use the Task plann to get a better idea of important or pressing tasks. There you can also print a task list.